Advance Seo Tips and Techniques 2019 to Rank First on Google

Techniques Of Seo

What is SEO: Seo stands for search engine optimization and it helps to rank websites on search engines. Seo depends upon the content and keywords of the website, strong keywords and good content along with excellent Meta description will boost website rank on search engines. Search engines have their own algorithms which mean when someone searches something on a search engine, for example, shoe repair, the search engine will start account the pages that exhibit good content for the user and will show it to the users, that is how Seo works on search engines.

Seo has two different techniques:
1. On page SEO
2. Off page SEO

1. On Page SEO

On Page Seo

On page Seo is one of the important techniques of Seo. On page Seo majorly includes the content of the website, headings and Meta description of the website.

On Page Seo Techniques:

  • Content:

On Page Seo techniques include content which is one the best technique of Seo to boost website on search engines. Content should be readable for the users if the content is not good or not readable then the user will open the website and after that user will go back and find another for his demand to fulfill user demand you should know what should be the title of the website and what user acquire from this website, which is the content.

  • Keyword Selection:

Seo depends upon the selection of keyword, keywords play an important role in the ranking of the website, keywords can be the short tail and can be long tail depending upon the content and headings of the website.

  • Short Tail keywords:

The short tail keyword is the keywords with only one word and has good searches in search engines e.g. egg is the one-word keyword.

  • Long Tail keywords:

Keywords with three or more than three words are long tail keywords e.g. how to make tea

  • Headings:

Headings also play an important role in Seo and it’s also a good tip of Seo for ranking it on the search engines. Headings include three parts which are:

  • Heading One:

The most important part of On Page Seo is Heading one as it contains the primary and focus keyword of your website, for example, writing an article for Seo and its techniques, Seo will be the heading one and its techniques i.e. On Page SEO should be heading two and Off Page Seo H3.

  • Heading Two & Heading Three:

Heading two comes under heading one and heading three comes under heading two and so on to heading six. All headings contain keywords that help in enhancing your website.

  • Use Of Tags:

use of proper Tags also played a vital role in On-Page Seo, also helps to find the pages or websites easily for the users in search engines.

  • Image Optimization:

Image optimization is also the best SEO technique, it plays an important role in loading of the website, and image should be optimized in order to make the website more reliable for the customer or users.

Image optimization includes the following functions:

Alt Text: It contains the keyword of the picture.

Title: The name of the image

Description: It contains the description of the image.

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2). Off Page SEO

Another technique of Seo is Off Page Seo, off page Seo refers to the techniques which are implemented outside the boundaries of the websites. Following are the three major SEO tips and techniques used in the off page:
1. Link Building
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Social Bookmarking

Off Page Techniques

Off Page Seo Techniques:

  • Link Building:

Link building is the most important technique of off Page Seo, it is a method used to build external link for the website. For example, if someone likes article and refer it from his blog or website this is called link building when any user will go to his blog or website and see the link then the user will click on it and this will increase the traffic.
Link Building includes:
1. Business Listing
2. Forum
3. Article Directory
4. Comment Link

  • Business Listing:

Finding yellow pages signing up and displaying your business website is also a technique of off page Seo in order to gain traffic for the website.

  • Forum:

Many people use forums they comment on forums to boost their website traffic. It is also a good tip of off page Seo as its help in the ranking of the websites. Thread is same like forums and is also a part of Off Page Seo techniques, thread means discussion where you engage traffic and its sole purpose is to boost your website traffic.                            

  • Article directory:

Another technique of off page Seo in link building is article directory where you publish your article on article directory and in return, you get some links for your websites.

  • Email Outreach:

A technique of off Page Seo where you find the email of different governmental or private sector websites depending upon the categories, categories can be regarding the scholarships or it can be sites like label pins, finding their contact email address and pitching them an email is called email outreach.

Email outreach is an effective way to display or market your brand, services. The email should be related to the topic and no spamming is including in the email outreach.

  • Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is one of the best ways to gain traffic for website, around every single person uses social media nowadays and is one of the biggest platforms for Seo expert to gain traffic from the social media. Social media marketing includes Facebook pages, campaigns, etc. social media marketing also helps in link building of the websites.

  • Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking is also a good technique of Off Page SEO which helps in getting more traffic to the websites there are many websites like reddit, stumble upon, scoop, delicious, etc that helps you promoting your content.


On Page Seo of a website depends upon the content and keywords of the website. primary and secondary keywords and quality content description will rank your website on search engines whereas off page Seo works outside the website promote websites through different ways via link building, social bookmarking and social media marketing but the purpose of both techniques are the same which is the “ranking of the website” on search engines. So be want to be No1 on google? Get Services 

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